Our mission

To give currency to “professional” table soccer and allow to athletes and simply fan an hight playing rate: this is the mission of Extreme Works Association... clear and unambiguous concepts!
Since many years we already work hard in the ostinate research of new solutions for the table soccer practice, trying to give an important aid for the circulation of the Subbuteo evolution. EW is able to provide to the players any type of material and we are sure we have encouraged the table soccer knowledge.
We take care the player requirements: not only for the “big” but also for anyone plays with less continuity or simply plays only friendly match. We are persuaded that Table Soccer doesn’t have to remain an elite activity: its peculiar features and the great amusement, with a big audience of potential players, give an extraordinary importance to this hobby/sport!
EW have already collaborated with F.I.S.C.T. and will continue in the future, at complete desposal with our own competences and knowledges.