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Why EW?


Extreme Works. It’s a seal of quality! The best materials for athletes, players, fans for the Table Soccer practice! With this ambitious project EW, many years ago, started its research about a new type of base. Not only a new base material, but to identify technical and manufacturing solutions highly innovative and really professional, in a position to encrease exponencially the play.

For these reasons EW avails oneself to experts and consultants that examinate with great attention any possible solution and test a great number of prototypes before to start to manufacture a new product.

For exemple, about the new base concept, the research was detailed, constant, fussy... The “New Generation” bases, already used by hundred and hundred players all over the world, are the result of a work carried out for many years, alternating the theory and the experimental, until to achieve the final solution. The same procedure for all the products we sell, like the new “EXTREMEPITCH”, the new playing surface as result of six months of hard research, experiments and attempts.

But our real experts and consultants are the players: their suggestions, advices and help drive us day by day to improve, test and test again our products, in order to find the better innovative solution.

Only two words... Extreme Works… a new continuous challenge!


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